Cheap & complete Ikea decor (with DIY touches)

. 2 min read

So you think Ikea cannot possibly provide a cheap and cozy decor? I beg to differ! I put together a decor with Ikea elements as well as some things you can you yourself to enhance the homey feeling in a small apartment.

Some people think they need all kinds of things in their apartment - space being one of them - but in a true minimalistic ideology that celebrates intellectual integrity over material possessions, I put together this list of things one absolutely needs in one's apartment. (I've taken for granted that all the necessary kitchen appliances, bathroom items, and wardrobes come with the apartment and need not be re-purchased.) (This post is not sponsored by Ikea.)

To start with, pick three core colors you like and go well together - gray, beige, white for a luxurious decor; dark purple, black, gray for a strong and cozy decor - whatever you like. If you come across an element on the list that has color options, go with those colors you chose.

  1. Something to sleep on. This can also be something to sit on. So, a sleeper sofa. From Ikea, 119 bucks. (Nothing is stopping you from using a sleeper sofa as your permanent bed. You won't die if you do it.)
  2. Something to eat from. You can do this Big Bang Theory style - sitting on the couch. So, a coffee table. From Ikea, 30 bucks.
  3. Something to store your personal items (not including clothes) and a possible television, although I must emphasize that a TV is not a necessity, you can live without one. So, two bookcases. From Ikea, 118 bucks.
  4. Something to guests to sit on. Can also perform a function for storage. So, two TV units (notice weight limits). From Ikea, 32 bucks.
  5. Cardboard boxes to place on top of the bookcases and in the TV units for extra storage, to be painted and decorated with a color and style of your choosing. From a hardware store, a few bucks.
  6. Rugs. Two cozy flatwoven ones that you can sew together. From Ikea, 14 bucks.
  7. Curtains. White ones that let light in but provide coverage. From Ikea, 17 bucks.
  8. Paint for the walls. From a hardware store, about 20 bucks.
  9. A few cushions and cushion covers to make the place cozy. From Ikea, 13 bucks.
  10. A couple of pictures and frames to hang on the wall. From Ikea, 30 bucks.

Total: 400 bucks. And that includes everything you could possibly need.


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