Christmas preparations so far

. 1 min read

It's 67 days until Christmas, and after doing too much too early in 2018, I've made sure not to make the same mistake ever again. (Yes, I'm still traumatized by something that happened four years ago.) Therefore, this year, I've only done the following things so far:

  1. Bought a few chocolate boxes.
  2. Started a list of gift ideas.
  3. Procured four gifts.
  4. Collected an online shopping cart full of book gifts.
  5. Got an amber string light.
  6. Been appalled by the price of the board game I had thought of getting for the holidays.
  7. Decided on an advent calendar.
  8. Counted the days to when the Christmas department opens at the local department store.
  9. Counted the days until Christmas.
  10. Fantasized about relaxed days full of piano jazz, The Office US, and stuffing my face with mustard sandwiches and swede casserole.

That's not "too much too early", is it?