Closer to death

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It never ceases to amaze me that we get to live instead of, well, not live. It's so weird. And it seems to unnecessary. But of course, I have no way of knowing what the whole masterplan is. So all I'm left with is the question: is life a loaned gift that will be taken back at any given time, or if life a punishment, ended only at the last moment?

If it's a loaned gift, you should be grateful for every second you get to use it. Live slowly. Enjoy it to the fullest. Be aware of its finiteness.

If it's a punishment, you should suffer and find a way to cope with the idea of suffering. You can't escape it, nor can you make it any easier. You can only create ideological concepts that help you accept it - for example, that you are an inherently bad person who deserves to be punished.

The gist lies in the end product: death. Death is either a positive or a negative event, depending on which option you choose. Either way, it's coming. Every second, it's closer.

How exciting is that?!

The whole idea of life and death is so intriguing! And while it's far from a novel idea, it still fascinates me how we can't just live forever, that if there is life, there has to be death as well, and this is probably dictated by some higher level physical law that we can't understand down here.

So it's either our birthday, or we're in prison. Or we're just plain uninteresting workforce void of consciousness.

Hopefully not the last one, though. Wouldn't it be such a copout if there was no moral value to the nature of our existence?