Coffee Isn't Omnipotent After All

. 1 min read

I used to think that there was nothing a large cup of coffee wouldn't solve.

That was until I strained one of my neck muscles last night reading Brothers Karamazov in a nonoptimal position (neck twisting slightly to the left). I stayed that way for an hour or so before switching positions.

Who knew reading could be this dangerous? And reading Dostoevsky of all people!

This is how I came to learn that coffee doesn't solve everything. I'm having a cup right now as we speak and it's not doing jack shit to my neck muscle. (It was a valid hypothesis, though.)

Anyway, here's my feeble attempt to see the silver lining:

  1. To have a strained neck muscle means I have at least one neck muscle, and having neck muscles is better than not having them.
  2. Struggle makes you appreciate things you take for granted, so I'll appreciate my pain-free neck and pain-free life more when the pain finally subsides.
  3. This is the perfect excuse to take it easy for a couple of days.
  4. Pain and discomfort can generate amazing art and poetry.
  5. I learned to be more cautious of my reading position in the future.

Great! Making this list did not help the pain at all.