Cure for headache

. 2 min read

Do you ever have headaches, perhaps for no apparent reason at all? And I don't mean the kind of migrane you have to take medication for, but a somewhat more bearable headache that still prevents you from operating at an ideal level?

You can take painkillers for the headache and sometimes they work fine. But sometimes they don't, and you're stuck with a nagging pain in a specific location in your head that you can live with if you hide under a blanket and pray it'll go away.

Try to get anything productive done in that state.

For highly achieving people this state is intolerable - not because of the level of pain but because the knowledge that they're losing valuable time every second, time they could be spending for more meaningful things, is constant in their heads.

Sounds familiar? Does this bother you as well? Worry not, for I have a cure! I've tried eating and taking a hot shower and taking a nap and even working (if the pain is tolerable), but better than anything else, running has worked best. It's an activity in which you don't need to use your brain actively (for example, trying to solve a Rubik's cure will definitely make your headache worse) and the juices in your body get to flow freely. I suppose it's the increased bloodflow in the brain during running that seems to just flush the headache right out of my head. I once ran several hours in one go because if I stopped, the headache would come back - so I just continued light jogging all afternoon, pausing every once in a while to see if the pain had fully disappeared, and after a few hours it had.

(I assume at this point that you've ruled out the possibilities of a hangover headache, a caffeine deficiency headache, and the migrane mentioned above - those already have their own cures and this for-no-reason-at-all-headache cure probably won't work for those.)

So if nothing else has worked for you yet, try jumpstarting your bloodflow with an activity of your preference that requires little thinking and a lot of moving. It just might be the answer!