Depressed? Here's something to try

. 2 min read

I've felt very weird for some time now. At first I thought I just had a writer's block. But I refuse to believe in writer's blocks! I've always snorted at the idea of inspiration being something more than the ability to sit down to write consistently every day. So no writer's block. It was something else.

Here's the interesting part: I didn't really feel anything. I didn't feel like writing, which I usually enjoy. Same with watching movies, or eating cake, or walking, or biking, or reading, or knitting. Those things usually excite me. But now I was just numb. Uninspired.

It was some type of depression if I ever knew one. And it was a new feeling to me, so I didn't know how to react at first. Then I researched it and found these tips:

  1. Do something you used to enjoy, even if you don't think you'll enjoy it now.
  2. Work, study, or volunteer.
  3. Pick up a new hobby.
  4. Eat, move, and sleep well.
  5. Journal.

Personally, I'd like to add also:

  1. If you've let go of projects you were excited about, restart them.
  2. Fresh air.
  3. Wake up early.
  4. If you're used to one particular creative outlet, try another one (along with the first).
  5. Challenge yourself in some way.
  6. If your primary creative outlet has felt too difficult, make it as easy as you can.
  7. If you have a god, pray.

Even during my time of feeling numb (and mind you, it might not be over yet), I knew, rationally, that the best answer would be to work more. All the times in my life when I've been truly happy have been times I have worked like crazy. Most recently, last spring, I had a day job and I was finishing a novella and a poetry book and three other projects, on top of WIP. It was a great time. I didn't have time to wonder what to do or watch Youtube videos mindlessly.

So I tried it. When work the way I knew it seemed like a dead end, I worked on other projects, even if they had nothing to do with my primary work. I checked on my online shop, planned to start another, set an alarm for 7 am, tried another creative outlet, challenged myself with a long walk outside, made writing easy, and prayed.

And I swear, I feel a little bit better.