Doing what is needed

. 2 min read

I filmed the 111 subscriber special for the WIP YouTube channel last Friday. I talked about a suggested topic, doing what is needed versus doing stuff to get something in return, for about 18 unedited minutes. Then I took the memory card out of the camera, inserted into a memory card reader, inserted the card reader into a USB port in my computer, and opened the video file in Kdenlive.

And realized the microphone hadn't been on. So I deleted the video and haven't tried reshooting the content since.

Anyway. I'll go more in depth with this topic once I get off my butt and reshoot. But until then, do what is needed.

What is needed is a relatively undefined term. It depends on the individual. For some, it might mean what the world needs. For some, it's something their heart is telling them to do; something they themselves need. There might be a third set of people to whom it means something else still, perhaps what is needed by their families or friends or other circle of influence.

But when it comes down to it, it's either you who needs the deed done, or someone else. You either do it for your own sake, to make your life better, or for someone else, to make their life better.

I used to think that in order to justify my lousy existence on Earth I had to be "of use" to someone else, preferably to a larger group of people; to do what is needed by the world. If I only did whatever I wanted and neglected all thought of creating value to others, I'd be doing it wrong. I wouldn't be justifying my existence.

As if my, your, or anyone's existence needed justifying in such an (almost) altruistic manner.

I've since grown out of this thought pattern - and it has effectively made it into the top 5 most remarkable events in my life. I no longer feel like I need to justify my existence.

I still need to do what is needed, though. Only the identity of the demander has shifted.