Everyone Dies But Me

. 1 min read

Yes, I'm still here.

After last week's Weekly Wyat, I had to take the rest of the week off for family reasons. I had my laptop with me all week but managed to get little done. Apparently, sometimes you just have other things to think about.

Who knew.

So you let go of guilt and decide that now's not the time to beat yourself over not working enough, and choose to focus your energy on the more obvious task of the hour. But you don't know what it looks like, what you should be doing, and God Forbid if you do try something, you feel like a fraud and an impostor immediately.

It's not your place.

But you can't just sit there and do nothing.

Being supportive is not the same as just sitting there.

But trying to help actively doesn't cut it, either. At least not in your head. It's too much.

So if just sitting there isn't your job, and actively participating isn't your job, what is your job? Maybe... being at disposal? Helping when help is requested?

I feel like I'm wearing muddy boots on a crystal bridge. I need to get to the other side somehow, but I can't get there without making a huge mess, one way or another.

How does everyone else get there without leaving any marks whatsoever?