Everything is awesome!

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Hi guys! It's Friday! It's May 10th 2019! And what's more - everything is awesome!

If this was news to you - that everything is awesome - then what the hell, have you been living under a rock? Just kidding. I don't mean anything that's happened in the world or anything else news-worthy. I'm talking about a mental state. And a psychological hack. And the beautiful, sweet sweet combination of the two.

You see, everything truly is awesome - at least from the moment you start telling yourself it is. How you talk to yourself has a tremendeous effect on your psyche and your mental state. Whether you stay negative all day after getting up on the wrong foot, or turn everything around and make the day the best ever, depends (I dare say) solely on the way you think about it.

You had a bad morning. Someone said something mean. You stepped on a fork. So what? Tell yourself that everything is awesome! And don't just say it; sing it like in The Lego Movie!

By the way, if you know the melody but haven't seen the movie, watch it tonight. I'm serious. To-freaking-night. It's beyond hilarious. And if you've never heard the song, all the more reason to get yourself up to date and watch the movie. (Perhaps you were living under a rock after all!)

The moment you notice you're turning cranky, sing the tune. Embrace the lyrics. Don't question it - just let the song take you and your mind where you need to go.

Some might argue that feeling irritated and cranky and insert more negative moods here have their benefits. Yeah, sure. Feeling sorry for yourself for a while might motivate you in the future. But don't stay down there too long. Enjoy the blues if you have to, and then EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

Say positive things to yourself. Smile to yourself. Dance a little. Listen to funny songs. Sing catchy tunes with mood-lifting lyrics that sink deep into your subconscious.

Have an awesome weekend!