Fancy pants theory

. 1 min read

You know how some people just look more put together, or more wealthy even? Do you know if you look like that? I saw some seriously put together people today at the grocery store. They looked like they were wearing their finest, and they had spent all morning putting up their hair and making sure their complexion was on point.

But were they wearing their finest, and had they spent hours preparing? What if they had just thrown their outfit together and tied their hair up in five minutes? Are these people just naturally fancier?

Here's what I know. In order to look rich, fancy, and put together, you must always

  1. wear clean, intact & ironed clothes
  2. prefer high quality materials in clothes
  3. use max three colors in one outfit
  4. favor minimalistic and neutral colors
  5. match shoes with bag
  6. have great hair
  7. have a good skin
  8. stand with your shoulders back, and
  9. control yourself.

Note also that

  1. not everyone can wear ripped jeans
  2. not everyone can wear eccentric jewelry or watches
  3. not everyone needs a jacket/blazer to look good
  4. mixing silver and gold is usually a bad idea.

This all is very frustrating because I don't know how to make my hair look good, I don't know how to use make-up to make my skin look good, and I don't know which clothes will look good on me before ordering them online. I also tend to speak too loudly in public places if I see or remember something worth saying out loud.

Usually I would say, fuck those fancy pants rich kids, their lives are as empty as their clothes are expensive. But that sounds like such a jealous mindset. Instead, I should think looking good and competent and confident and better makes you feel better-looking, more competent, more confident, and best. And that has a ripple effect. You start performing better, you become more confident and competent, and you'll feel better about yourself.

If it makes you invincible, who cares if it started as an illusion created by your clothes?