Fear of double chin, or FODC

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Some people live according to YOLO, or you only live once. Some people have the FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Some people enjoy the JOMO, or joy of missing out. And some people have SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Me? I suffer from the FODC, or the fear of double chin. Not any chin, nor the double chins of others, but getting a double chin myself.

I had one when I was 19. Then it went away without me trying to fight it. Then I got it again a year ago and was alarmed to see its return. I even broke down mentally. Then I lost 22 lb and got rid of it again.

And now, it's coming back again. I can see it in every YouTube video I make for Worth in Progress. It's there. It's becoming more and more apparent.

I guess I've come to the conclusion that whether or not the double chin grows or not depends on my diet because every time I notice it's conquered more ground, I go through the older videos on the YouTube channel to track when the chin wasn't there, and then check my food diary to see how I ate at that time. And then try to eat like that.

There are two problems to this approach: one, in all of the older videos I was on keto, and going back to keto from carnivore would mean subjecting my mind and body to some nasty health problems; and two, I don't have an adequate account in my food diary from all the times the chin was gone. So the only solution I get from this is to go back on that version of keto I was doing.

Meaning, practically, to replace red meat with lean chicken breast and have avocados and cruciferous vegetables and less butter and more olive oil. Which would be fine, except that last time I tried those cruciferous vegetables things went south fast.

So which is more important? Staying healthy, or winning the war on the chin?

The question is loaded on purpose. I know I want both, and I've always thought one can have the best of both worlds if one simply makes it work, whatever it takes.

Yes, I want to stay healthy. Yes, I'm vain. But a double chin, while it isn't a physical health risk, it can be a mental one. Every time I look into the mirror or edit a WIP video it makes me look ugly - in my own eyes at least. And it's so much easier to fight it with diet than to accept myself as I am.

So I don't have an answer to this. Perhaps I'll figure it out.