Forgetting This One Thing Could Ruin Your Cheat Day

. 2 min read

Cheat days - or everything goes days, as I call the ones I have - are great. You get to eat whatever you want on one day, and miss all those delightful foods on the rest. You get the perfect balance of chaos and order, life and death, discipline and fun, while appreciating the best of both worlds.

But enough of chit chat! We have an important point to discuss, and that is:

The one thing that can RUIN your everything goes day.

And that one thing is forgetting to drink.

I made the terrible mistake last Saturday of having an everything goes day with cake, ice cream, pizza, chips, and one heavenly donut, without drinking anything until my stomach was so absolutely full that one sip of water changed everything. As the chips in my stomach absorbed the water I was drinking, I went from comfortably satisfied to stuffed in a matter of seconds.

If you eat anything salty on your everything goes day (like vinegar chips, ahem), you will invariably get thirstry at some point, so much so that the thought of having a sip of water attracts you more than having another chip. Therefore, remembering to drink some form of liquid at regular intervals while eating to your heart's desire ensures that it never comes to the point when you'd need to stuff water down an already stuffed belly. You'll feel equally satisfied, because you still get to have everything you want, and you won't get that nasty feeling of being past the point of fulless.

Here are some liquids I recommend to enjoy while having your favorite foods:

  1. Coffee. Not only is it a delicious liquid, but it also accentuates all fat-based desserts.
  2. Water or juice - not fizzy drinks. In my experience, carbonated water bloats in the stomach and creates an uncomfortable feeling you may not want to have while eating your favorite treats.
  3. Champagne. While the loveliest wine does have some carbonation in it, there's much less of it than in fizzy drinks, and it quickly escapes through the surface, leaving only trace amounts behind.

So remember your beverages. With that covered, everything else will be dandy.