Give way

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Life, according to several philosophers, is suffering. In the precise words of Jordan Peterson, it's effortful maintenance. You probably know this already. At least on some intuitional level. You've faced hardships. You've worked through them. And sometimes, if not most of the time, you wish you had it easier; even if you know the toil will make you stronger in the process, you hope there was a way not to have to take care of everything.

But what if the problem is not with the events, the hardships, the adversities that make your life unnecessarily hard - what if the problem is with you?

I realized something today. A massive part of the problems in your life - the things you could live without - are there because you let them be there. You're neurotic. You want things in a specific way, just the way you want them, even if you don't know why. Over time, you've developed into this monster who obsesses over petty things. This might be because someone let you. Or more likely, because you let yourself.

So do yourself and the people around you a favor and give way. Analyze which things in your life you're needlessly obsessing about, and give way. Let others decide. A voice inside you, the voice you've been growing for years, might object. But that voice is not you. And you can teach that voice a good lesson by ignoring it and learning to take other people's wishes more into account. (This is especially important if you're acting like a tyrant in a relationship.)

You can have a great time even if the movie wasn't your first choice. You won't die if the dishes aren't washed every day. You'll probably become stronger by learning to stand sudden, externaly affected changes in your plans.

Let go of your neurotism. Give way to others. Grow mentally in the process.