Half-year mark

. 2 min read

The birthday of one of my family members is in the beginning of July. The celebration tends to remind me that half of the calendar year is now gone. Logic dictates that half a year is also ahead.

You can see this as the glass half full / glass half empty idea. Do you think that there's no point in trying anything since already six months of the year has passed? Or do you think that oh my god, I'll get so much done before New Year's if I start now?

If you know me, you know that I like to think the latter. Besides, who says that the calendar year is the measure of time you should use to determine if you have enough time? Fuck the calendar year! Set your own time frame! (It's not like you could stick to the same principles for six months anyway.)

Your time frame could be three months, seven years, the rest of your life, or the rest of the week - depending on the principles you want to uphold. Doing an egg fast? Maybe 5 days max. Giving up sugar? Try it for three months to begin with. Devoting your efforts to a worthy cause? Well, how about five years - or life?

Whatever the time frame, whatever the task, make sure you have principles. Principles are the set of rules or guidelines that define the boundaries of what you consider a good life. Each individual has his own set of principles, so they're subjective, but within the individual, the principles should be absolute. At least until the individual finds they no longer fit to his views.

The half-year mark that the beginning of July declares is a perfect opportunity to review your life's principles and to correct them if needed. You can start with one, but stick with it for at least the time frame you set for it. You'll see changes in your mentality. You'll start to feel meaning in what you do.

Here's what I had in mind for the rest of the year:

  1. Taking care of my health: exercise and diet.
  2. Driving my company further: make it generate income.
  3. Caring less about things that don't really matter.
  4. Thinking of myself as valuable or worthy of greatness.

I know that's a lot to deal with but I'll sure try. Because if I can honor these principles, I know my life will look a lot different - in a good way - next New Year's.