How to be lucky

. 1 min read

I've been SO lucky this summer so far. The weather has delighted me. Cloudy skies, cool temperatures, some rain. They say it's about to change into a furnace but I'll worry about that later.

According to Richard Wiseman, though, luck isn't just the weather being on your side. He tells us that the people we perceive as lucky are positive, trust their intuition, and break their routines. Meaning that luck isn't some random thing floating around in the ether. It's something you control.

It's easy to dislike people for their good luck when you yourself feel unlucky. But perhaps it would be more beneficial to retrace their behavior and see it they are the kind of people who follow their gut feeling, have variety in their lives, and choose to think positively. And if the answer is yes, maybe imitate those qualities, and reap the benefits of luck to yourself.

(Then there's the Christian Grey quote where he says that the more he works the more luck he seems to have, but that has to be bullshit, right?)