How to clear your head

. 1 min read

You know what - I've been sitting here, by my computer, trying to come up with something to say. Experience has shown me that if an idea does not present itself within a few minutes, I sholuld go my bookshelf to see if I could have something to say about a certain piece of literature. So I did. I walked over to one of the shelves, sat down, and realized that the whole thing was completely out of order.

I mean, who puts works of Kafka and Gilbert's Big Magic next to each other?!

This was alarming, to say the least. Not to mention that I found another Kafka novel on an entirely different shelf than the rest of them. Unacceptable.

So I started taking the books down in huge chunks to see if I could organize them better. And like a lightning, a superb idea for an article appeared in my mind - a concept I've known about for years already:

If your mind is a mess, organize something physical. Your mind will organize itself as a byproduct in the process.

You can organize anything that needs organizing - like a messy bookshelf, a messy wardrobe, any unorganized closet, work desk, dry-ingredient closet in the kitchen, the closet you keep your cleaning equipment in, the storage... anything. If you find something you don't need, throw it out. If you find something you're not sure if you need or not, take it in the storage. Organize the stuff according to your preference, be it by color, size, occasion, scent, taste, usage.

When you're done, the subject of your organizational skills will be neat and tidy, everything in order, ready to be used by you whenever you need them. What's more, you'll notice your mind has become clear at some point in the process.

I gotta get back to the bookshelf now. Happy organizing!