How to deal with family drama

. 1 min read

I've been unfortunate enough to witness some family drama lately. The matriarch of my extended family (or house, to put it Game of Thrones style) passed away recently and based on how her children have behaved since then, it looks like all of them are fighting for the now vacant post like wolves. Manipulation, ill-speak, martyrdom - it's all there, in every sentence, especially in those of the two female descendants.

One thing is an absolute fact, though - a fact that I cherish with the utmost delight:

None of their fighting concerns me.

I don't care if those two drama queens are related to me. That blood connection means little to none. They can trash talk each other all they want. They can try to make other family members take sides. They can try to split the family in half. They can try to hide empathy-seeking and manipulative words in everything they say to me, and I'll just find it amusing.

Because you know what? I don't care. All I care about this whole thing is that I get to show my respects to the deceased. And even if I don't - if the wolves never make it to the point where there is an actual funeral - I'll have my own memorial service and that'll do.

Some people think they have to get along with their family members - the ones they didn't choose, that is. They think they need to take sides, or speak on behalf of them, or defend them, or help them, or meet them, or send them Christmas cards. I don't get this mentality. You don't owe them anything. They're random individuals. Blood is just blood, not some weird bond or obligation.

So if you want to stress less about some family drama, start actively thinking of it as a soap opera. You can find it amusing without it touching you personally.

Live your own life. The drama in your family will never be as important as that.