How to deal with haters

. 2 min read

I made a mistake last summer. I produced a video for WIP's YouTube channel titled Carnivore Ice Cream Recipe. I don't remember filming it, but apparently I had said something wrong because of all the hate I got for it.

So I watched the video and right away realized that the content of the video isn't exactly what the title suggests. Instead of talking about heavy cream and egg yolks, I mentioned just the heavy cream - and even suggested you add some sweetener, although preferably not sugar. Then I mentioned you can use coconut milk if you don't want to use dairy - even though coconut cream is far from carnivore. I also added some links to non-carnivore ice cream recipes in the description.

Once the comments started to pour in, I apologized in the comments and added my preferred recipe in the description. But you know no one ever reads the description, so the hate kept coming in. Only yesterday when one insightful commenter suggested I change the title did I realize I could actually do it, and I added the word clickbait in front of the title.

In retrospect I feel embarrassed how little thought and effort I put into my videos last summer. I was obviously just trying to finish my challenge of posting one video per day, and the lack of time and inspiration and energy is so apparent in the final products.

But of course, none of the people who clicked on the video in the hopes of finding a carnivore ice cream recipe know of my challenge, or of the fact that I'm not proud of this particular video. So they'll keep commenting.

And all I can do is thank them and like their comments and kill them with kindness. Although I don't know if kill is the right word since I deserve a lot of hate for not checking the quality of the content before uploading it.

But when it comes to hate comments about videos in which I share my opinions, I either ignore them completely or like and pin and heart their comments, because then the killing is quite the appropriate response. It gives me a good rush, being the better man, and realizing at least I'm putting out content instead of trolling.

If you've done something wrong, apologize. And if you haven't, don't.