How to decorate your office step by step, WIP edition, volume 2

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So I got an office again - and lo and behold, has it been the best decision ever! Even if I still have no furniture, no chair to sit on, no desk to place my devices on, and no internet connection (I'm writing this offline), it doesn't matter, because

suddenly, I have hope, enthusiasm, excitement, and inspiration.

It's weird. It's as if I had been living inside a small box all this time since the last time I had an office. And now, the world is full of air to breathe and space to expand into. It's magical.

I only have one problem: I can't seem to pick a desk.

As a writer, having a desk is probably priority number one when decorating a creative space. (It's probably not a writer thing, though; more like a working human being thing.) It can't be too big because I only have 140 ft2. But since I'm going for a dark and moody ambiance, it shouldn't be too light and airy, either. Heavy wood would be ideal, big enough to fit my computer screen on, but small enough so that it fits in the room with a gigantic 18th century dark leather sofa.

So step-by-step, how to decorate an office, WIP edition, volume 2:

  1. Pick a theme: dark and moody.
  2. Pick a color/material scheme: black, dark brown, dark green, leather, wood, metal.
  3. Browse furniture online and get emotionally attached to every piece that makes you feel inspired, regardless of their sizes.
  4. Realize that you won't be able to fit a large wooden desk, a large leather sofa, a large oriental rug, and a large bookcase in 140 ft2.
  5. Go to IKEA to pick up a desk that's both a good size, and not too heavy-looking, and dark and moody.
  6. Find out that that particular desk is out of stock.
  7. Use the floor of your office as your chair and your lap as your table until a better desk presents itself.
  8. Put off getting everything else for the space until said better falls on your lap.

The truth is that I could just get the sofa and sit on that until I find a desk that fits the space. Aftfer all, I'm really emotionally attached to the sofa. I can see myself sitting on it for the rest of my life. It's also probably wayyyyyy too big for my office. And if I buy it and then see that it crowds the entire space, where will I fit a desk?

I'm making such a mountain out of a molehill. And it's making me so happy. After all, I'm having problems with my office. And for that statement to be true, I must have an office.

The fact that I have an office right now makes me so joyous that no problem related to it is really a problem at all.


Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash