How to force yourself to do things you don't want to do

. 1 min read

So here's the thing: if you're like 99,99 % of the people living on Earth, you've got some duties that you wouldn't like to do but for various reasons must do anyway. These reasons include getting money to feed the kids, losing body fat percentage to recover from sleep apnea, quitting smoking to not get cancer, cutting gluten from diet to prevent bowel problems, and getting into shape to be able to run a marathon for charity. (I'm sure there are a couple more, I just can't remember them right now. Oh right! Being in good terms with grumpy grandpa to get some extra inheritance.)

But now I'm starting to babble. And we don't babble here on WIP. We go straight to the point, which is:

If you've got some responsibilities or duties you don't particularly enjoy, figure out an even less enjoyable task and prepare to do that.

Same goes for fears. If you have a fear - for example cold calling strangers - figure out what would be even more terrifying - for example walking across town naked - and prepare to do that. Think about how you'd do it in real life. Your brain will throw you the worst case scenario imaginable of all worst case scenarios: you'll be laughed at, spat at, spray-painted, raped, and frozen. A dog will bite your frosty nipples off.

The point is, you don't actually have to go do that worse thing. Just thinking it out does the trick: suddenly cold calling doesn't sound that bad anymore.

This works for all activities. Which duties will it render tolerable for you?