How to Get 5/5 Every Week

. 1 min read

I've found a nifty tool to motivate me to get 5 out of 5 on my weekly goals every week. (Did I mention that I started setting weekly goals again a few weeks ago? I started setting weekly goals again a few weeks ago. It's superb. Try it.)

I've always known that while the act of ticking off the goals once you achieve them and seeing the "5/5" you write down next to the goals is a good source of motivation, having an external prize on top of that can be massively influential. However, considering that getting that 5/5 in the past hasn't been an every week thing for me, apparently I my external prizes haven't been compelling enough.

But that was in the past. Now, I've found the best prize - one that motivates me so strongly that I get 5/5 as a standard every week now, even though the goals are quite ambitious.

The prize I use to motivate myself is champagne.

If you know me, you know I love champagne. I like it more than any other form of alcohol. Along with whiskey, it fits my character, and the taste is refreshing and delicious. What's more, by making it the prize of getting a 5/5 on my weekly goals, I ensure I stay sober all through the weekdays - and when I finally get it on Friday, it'll taste better, because I had to earn it.

Moral of the story: if you want to reach all of your weekly goals on a regular basis, choose an external prize you actually really want, not just something that would be nice to get.