How to get rid of bad mood instantly

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Isn't it great how most self-help books declare in their covers to offer a X-step solution to every problem you have? The Miracle Morning has a 5-step snooze-proof wake-up system as well as instructions for a 6-part morning routine. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has a 7-point system for becoming highly effective. Living an Examined Life has a 21-step plan for middle-aged people to finally become a whole person with no childhood traumas.

While numbers and steps make it look like it's easy to achieve, it still requires work, and that's a bummer. But wait! I have a solution that will work instantaneously! My technique might not get you to wake up faster or make you highly effective or let you shake off your daddy issues but it'll do miraculous things nevertheless!

Here it is! Prepare yourself!

How to Get Rid of Bad Mood Instantly

by Worth in Progress

If that was a book title, and especially if I was Malcolm Gladwell, a series of far-fetched and incredibly detailed stories about various people who have ever had this weird disease called a bad mood would follow. I'd try to beat around the bush until the book was 300 pages long, and then, still trying to formulate the point with long words and as difficultly as possible, I'd say, basically, that

remember that it's a game

and then continue analyzing the crap out of what essentially is a three-word sentence for another 150 pages or so.

But since I'm not Gladwell (thank god), I put the point in a highlighted box so that you can see the answer to the title question without reading the whole thing if you don't want to. In case you're not in a hurry, here's an explanation: since we (humans) are able to create vitrual realities and have extremely life-like computer simulations, chances that we ourselves are not in one (created in a higher level) are very low. Therefore, this reality of ours is basically a game. Even if you have a bad mood, it doesn't change the fact that it's still a game, so there's no real reason to be on a bad mood. Nothing's that serious in a game. So let go and just play. Have fun with it.