How to get stuff done on a Sunday

. 1 min read

Sundays are a lazy time, at least for me. Today, I feel like I need it - a full day with little duties and a lot of time just to sit and sip coffee and think about all kinds of stuff. Watch personal development videos on YouTube. Take a walk in the freezing winter outdoors on your way to the office. And at the office, watch The Office. (Couldn't resist. Actually I shot today's video and resumed an episode of Sharp Objects I'd begun earlier.)

But normally, Sundays are insanely boring and even depressing for their lack of activity. Something has to be done. I will not be crushed by idleness!

A fun hack I discovered yesterday - as a random Saturday attempted to turn into an evil idle mock-Sunday - get up early, drink your coffee, make your bed, and put on a shirt with collars. Tuck the shirt in your pants. Fix your face as if you meant business.

Stuff will start to happen. I wrote an article well in advance. I planned and scripted upcoming videos. I did some marketing. I got a lot of stuff done.

My theory is that the collar shirt triggers your subconscious that today, it's show time. It's time to procude. Weekend mornings are for business as much as, if not more even, than weekdays. No unnecessary rest. No lazying aroung. Get up, get your coffee, wear your business wrist watch. Dress to kill it today.

Meaning in weekends - multiplied. Sunday blues - eliminated.