How to have a memorable autumn 2018

. 1 min read

Autumn, autumn, autumn! Or fall, fall, fall, if that's how you like it! Autumn is hands down my favourite time of the year. But if you've read WIP before, you knew that already. I get so pumped up when taking a late night stroll around the neighbourhood, when it's so dark you couldn't see anything without the street lighting. Especially if it's raining a little. And windy. Priceless.

Yet I reckon not everyone likes autumn - in fact, for some people the season is associated with stress, anxiety, and overwhelming workload. So to handle all this, I have a suggestion. And don't worry, you can do this even if you have no stress and want to have a memorable autumn.

Plan a date box - but not for your spouse (although they can be easily incorporated) but for yourself!

So plan one event for every remaining week of autumn. You can plan them in order or write them on a piece of paper and place them in a box to be drawn randomly from. You can even decorate the box and place it in a special place at home. And then, once a week, every week - and preferably on the same day every week - pick one and execute it. Or if you've planned them in order, write them in your calendar and execute them according to the calendar.

The date could be anything from watching a movie or a candlelit dinner or takeout or going hiking or reading a book with scotch or knitting socks or going Christmas shopping or putting on a hydrating face mask while listening to jazz. Literally anything. Only plan events that you find pleasurable. You don't have to consider your family or spouse, unless you specifically find including them in the event the pleasurable aspect.

You'll find yourself excited to plan and wait for the day of the date and specific dates. And almost surreptitiously, you'll have a memorable and wonderful autumn - despite anything else.