How to Level Up in 2022

. 1 min read

2022 will be the best year ever. You'll climb higher mountains than ever, you'll have more fun than ever, and you'll know yourself better than ever before in your entire life. The year will demand focus and energy from you, and you had better be ready to give them.

Here's how to level up yourself and your life to be able to handle 2022.

  1. Venture outside your comfort zone in a regular basis. You'll become more capable and more courageous, and you'll learn things about yourself.
  2. Take a problem you have in your life or yourself, and fix it. Problem solving builds resourcefulness and gives you that famous rush of accomplishment and progress.
  3. Challenge yourself to learn something difficult. Extra points if you choose something you've tried before and given up. You can learn any skill and any subject, so pushing past that desire to give up and realizing eventually that you can learn anything will boost your confidence splendidly.

Then there are, of course, the unoriginal level up strategies, like eating healthily and dressing presentably and exercizing and asking for a promotion and behaving like your best self and reading books and educating yourself. But you knew those already, so I won't say a word about them.

This is the best year ever! Claim it as yours!