How to screw your gut

. 2 min read

You know how you go on a diet and try to build some healthy eating habits but everything tastes weird because your tastebuds aren't used to the flavors and you feel like giving up because the food is bland and you don't feel satisfied?

Well, just about the opposite happened to me. I've mentioned before here on WIP that I've been doing keto since last summer and evolved into carnivorism in March. And everything was good, the food satisfied, I had to eat only a couple of times a day, and I felt amazing. However, lately I'd been wondering if I got enough vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, so I figured I'd try to add some vegetables high in potassium to my diet. So last night I made oven-roasted broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potato, along with a kale-cucumber-pea salad and avocado salsa, served with salmon.

I don't know what happened - perhaps I ate too much vegetables all too sudden - but I got bloated like crazy (think 6 months pregnant), and this morning, I had a nasty feeling in my bowel, depression in my mind, and increased circumference measurements in my waste and thighs.

Needless to say that these side effects aren't exactly what I want. They're the exact opposite. The reason I liked and went carnivore was because I never got bloated, my gut felt good, my energy and mental levels were off the roof, and my measurements were exactly as I wanted them.

But my god, if the food wasn't tasty! The avocado salsa made me do a victory dance. The salmon was awesome. The roasted vegetables were filling and satisfying. The salad complimented it all.

What to do? Eat delicious and nutritious food that makes you feel terrible afterwards, or eat delicious food that's less nutritious but makes you feel great?

I guess I should try a little vegetables at first - those that don't make you bloat, for example - and then increase the amount as you go. I think I'll try just Brussel sprouts, kale salad, salmon and avocado salsa next, then gradually add broccoli, cauliflower, and perhaps sweet potato and lentils, even. (The last two, however high in potassium, are far from keto, though.)

So how to screw your gut: change your diet suddenly and eat too much of stuff (especially fiber-rich foods) that your gut isn't used to. Nasty surprises follow.