How to wake up || Morning routines to reach any goal

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Today we're starting a new 7-part series here on WIP. All week will be an abundance of articles about morning routines that, if exercised actively and consistently, will help you reach any goal you wish to reach. Start your own business? Do these routines. Buy your own house? Do these routines. Build a real estate empire? Do these routines. Lose a ton of weight? Do these routines.

We're starting with routine no. 1, which tackles the very way you should wake up.

First of all, the early bird gets the worm, so get up early - at 4 or 5 am if you can. If you work nights, 4 am may be a problem, but whatever your situation is, push your wakeup time at least one hour earlier than what you're used to. Then, when you realize you can do that hour, push another - until you notice significant changes in yourp productivity and energy levels. Then push another. Continue until you find a sweet spot - getting enough sleep while waking up super early (whatever "super early" is for you). This could mean going to bed earlier than before, but so be it.

A pro hack: wake up the same time every day, even during your days "off". Not only will your body and mind find it easier to do, but also you'll feel unstoppable even during the weekend.

Another thing: when you wake up, drink something right away. This will jumpstart your metabolism and wake up your body so you won't feel like going back to bed anymore. You can use a timer to make your coffee maker or teapot start working at your preferred wakeup time. That way the first thing you should do in the morning isn't a chore - the drink makes itself, after all! Coffee and some teas also have caffeine, the consumption of which will give you a surge of energy. If you don't like coffee or tea, have water (with lemon or lime of you want to) on your nightstand, ready to be sipped right after you open your eyes.

Main point: wake up early, same time every day, and have something to drink to wake up faster and readier for the day. Do the routine every day, the same way, the same time. Consistency = superior effectivity.