How to watch TV

. 2 min read

This might sound a little contradictory since I'm usually against all TV watching, but the mighty telly might offer something worth considering. And no, I'm obviously not referring to any reality show and definitely not the news. And not most TV series. (By watching TV here I mean watching shows and series regardless of the appliance or the method - TV, online, Netflix, all fall to the same category.)

So if you feel like watching TV, as in you're in the process of quitting it but cannot make yourself do it cold turkey, or maybe you're not even thinking of decreasing the time you spend in front of the entertaining screen but simply want to enhance the experience, consider switching from the reality shows and news and other mindless and pseudo-informational programs to something that either lifts your spirits, inspires you, helps you do your job or further a project, or educates you.

If you want to use precious hours every night emptying your brain on some show that offers nothing more than an insight into someone else's life, by all means, do it. But if throwing time down the drain isn't your thing, you can empty your brain during sleep - and use those precious free hours for good.

While I think spending time with your family, reading, walking in nature, and learning new skills are all better ways to spend your time than watching TV, you can find a way to combine some of these. If reading about nature or space isn't your ideal way of learning, you can find TV programs that basically show and tell you the same information. Also shows like Masterchef (Australia of course) gives you valuable insight into cooking, while Grand Designs helps you understand how buildings are put together.

Then there are also psychological shows, like Prison Break (I go into detail about it in this video), and philosophical shows, like Westworld. (I may have to talk more about Westworld later.)

And then there's of course watching TV for pure entertainment. And for this purpose, you can choose literally any show that tickles your fancy - even news or reality shows, if you really enjoy those. I can think of better ways to entertain myself than watching TV, but that's just me. And I can't judge you if you find TV the best form of entertainment. Even I enjoy an episode (read: a season) of Parks Recreation... once a year.