How to write articles, WIP edition

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When I first got the idea of the online publication of articles on personal development, I had an idea as to how to go about it: I would write seven articles in one sitting, once a week, and schedule them to go live one by one during the following week. I came up with over fifty article ideas right away, wrote them down, and decided I could use the list as a cheat sheet for days I would lack the inspiration for new ideas.

How naive! In retrospect.

Everything has changed since that day. First of all, I rarely even look at the list - I either think of the same subjects that are listed there spontaneusly, or have new ideas to go with.

Secondly, I never, ever, write seven articles in one sitting. My record is five articles in one day, and even those were scattered all over the day - 12 hours or so. I have since established a time block for every night to write one article every day, including weekends. (This does not include the times it takes me to produce the photography. Nor videos! Videos take a whole lot longer than one hour a day!)

Thirdly, and this is the interesting part: what I do do once a week is list seven article titles in one go, and produce the photography for those in one session. This allows me to think ahead and let my brain develop content subconsciously all week because I know in advance what the article on Friday will be about. And if I happen to have something urgent to write about before that, I can always move all articles one day forward so I can fit the urgent article in on the next day.

The point is that when the evening of the day arrives, and I turn on my computer to write the next article on my schedule, my mind is already bubbling with ideas so I don't have to search for inspiration - because my subconscious has been preparing for that moment since the minute I set the title.

It's a supreme hack, and I only stumbled on it by accident! I hadn't read about it anywhere, I just started doing it out of the blue. Hopefully you'll find it as effective a way of working as I do.

And hopefully you'll find other tips and hacks on WIP as well - so you don't have to wait to stumble on them by accident.