I bought Jordan Peterson's Self Authoring Suite

. 1 min read

After watching Mikhaila Peterson's latest podcast episode, two things happened:

one, I realized that Mikhaila and I are basically the same person, and

two, I finally bought that Self Authoring Suite package thingy Jordan has developed.

And shit, it's hard work! I only started the Present Authoring: Faults Analysis part, completing all three parts of the first four faults (so twelve writing assignments so far) and it has taken hours.

"Ten minutes for each fault, so 60 to 90 minutes altogether" - so four faults so far should have only taken me 40 minutes. I've been writing the assignments for the past 3.5 hours.

Not that I'm complaining though. The assignments have already been infinitely valuable, and I'm only in the faults section, still having the other Present Authoring, Past Authoring, and Future Authoring to go. Not to mention the four faults (times three) assignments still left to do in the fault section. (I should also mention that in most of the assignments, I've written more than the recommended 1000 characters.) (Also writing about myself is one of my guilty pleasures, so 3.5 hours is nothing no me. I could go on all night.)

I might have to take a break now. But I'm super excited to continue the exercise tomorrow. Not only does time fly when you write the assignments, but also you take a deep dive into your mind, revealing new solutions to the problems that hamper your everyday life.

Once I finish the whole suite, I'll let you know my thoughts on it, and whether or not I recommend you go and buy it.