I Felt 5 Years Younger Instantly

. 1 min read

I have the best news ever: the public indoor swimming pool where I used to go deep water running back in the day has been opened again. So, naturally, the moment I found out, I was dead excited and determined to go there the next day. Which was yesterday. And so I went. I drove to the pool, parked, went to the counter, and bought a ticket for the first time in two years (literally).

The moment I immersed my body in the water of the pool, I could not help but start grinning stupidly - the feeling was amazing - like I was in my mid-twenties again when I used to water run every day after work.

I was hooked right away, like I used to be.

I went again today, of course. I bought a set of 25 tickets; I reckon I'll use them all within the month. The endorphin rush I get afterwards is incredible. The meditative state I slip into while water running is seriously relaxing. Half an hour goes by insanely fast. And, as a bonus, it's a terrific exercise.

It's not a cool hobby. It's an elderly lady's hobby. But I don't care.

I'm awkward, and I own it.