I know what bothers modern women (and how to solve it)

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I don't usually talk about relationships, or men and women, or anything regarding gender. As a libertarian, I don't believe in feminism or equality of outcome or anything like that. I believe that each individual is free to do whatever they want, and if you think you can't do something, the problem is in your head, and not in any made-up concept (like the so-called "oppressive patriarchy") that doesn't exist. (And yes, government is bad and taxation is theft and all that stuff, but that's outside the scope of this article, so let's not go there today.)

Therefore, as a libertarian, I believe that women are free to choose if they want to support themselves or let their men support them. If your husband wants to support you and you want to be supported, no angry feminist can stop you. It's your life, your happiness, your choice. You two are free to decide that your man is the money-making half and you are the household-running half - and both halves are essential to the system working optimally. Your man works hard to provide for you and your possible children, and you're devoted to him and your offspring.

What seems to bother the modern feminist woman is the word devoted. They think it means that the wife has no life of her own outside her husband. They think her life has to revolve around serving him. They think it means that the wife gets to have no other interests but cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and dishes, offering services in the bedroom, and catering to their kids' every whim.

They're wrong, of course.

Devoted, according to Cambridge Dictionary, means extremely loving and loyal.

If you look closely, you'll see that there's nothing about laundry in that definition.

All that is needed to be considered a devoted wife or husband is that you're extremely loving and loyal, meaning, you love your partner more than anyone else, and that you don't cheat on them or speak ill behind their back.

It's not much to ask.

You'll have plenty of time and energy to have all the hobbies and projects and careers you want, as well as taking care of your half of the system.

Just remember what devoted really means, and that a providing husband is just as devoted to his wife and kids as the wife is.