I made one important Black Friday purchase

. 1 min read

I'm not usually much of a shopper. When I buy stuff, I tend to do it out of necessity, safe for one exception: Lego sets. I go crazy for Lego sets. So yesterday, even if it hadn't been Black Friday, I still would have bought the thing I went to buy from my go-to Lego store.

But lucky for me, the store indeed had stamped my preselected Christmas holiday project with a discount. 35 bucks of free money!

I left the store with the set and a wide grin all over my face. (Only to be triggered by a stranger in the parking garage elevator, who observed the large box and said: "How nice that Lego makes dollhouses, too." To which I replied, with a fake insulted voice: "Dollhouse?! It's Home Alone!!")


P.S. I had to leave behind some exquisite and discounted Harry Potter Lego sets, which I'll most definitely buy over the course of 2023 - at full price.