I may have bitten more than I can chew

. 2 min read

A month ago, I posted an article in which I declared I would be having a super-May and encouraged you to have one, too. Looking at that article and the list of things I planned on achieving by May 31st, I now realize I may have taken too much on my plate. Here's the list:

  • Eating eggs, salmon, and potassium-rich vegetables every day.
  • Drinking water with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice every day.
  • Working on a new project for a few hours at least thrice a week.
  • Posting an article and a video on WIP every day.
  • Doing HIIT exercise twice a week.
  • Hitting an important milestone on an old project.
  • Finishing an old project.

First of all, half of the things on the to-achieve list have changed in the process. I didn't have salmon or potassium-rich vegetables every day - the vegetables I had to drop for health reasons and the salmon I just forgot. I tried HIIT but somehow dropped it and switched to jogging which I enjoy more. The ACV drink? I've drunk it most of the days but can't be sure if it's been a daily habit.

And when it comes to those old projects - well. If I do manage to achieve them, it'll be in the nick of time.

But what's good is that as those vegetables had to go, I replaced it with new goals - for example, refraining from dairy. I've also posted a WIP article and video every day as planned. And I've managed to work on the new project regularly, more than thrice a week in fact.

So it's not all gone!

Today, I'll work my butt off to get everything done. I'll schedule the entire day to the last minute to make sure I gave my all and didn't give up. I'll prioritize and work effectively and probably have like five cups of coffee while trying my best not to multitask but focus on completing the job at hand.

Tomorrow, having succeeded, the reward will taste sweeter than it ever could with less effort.