I noticed something during a headache

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Hello, so I had a headache. It started on Friday after having a cup of americano in a cafe. To be honest, I kind of knew halfway into the serving that something was up, but I figured it couldn't possibly be because of the lovely beverage, so I had the entirety of it.

I'm not saying that half a cup of americano was the cause of my headache. There's no way of knowing. What I'm saying is that the headache started after the cup.

I worked intensely the rest of the day to have something to distract me from the pain, and surprisingly, it worked fine. The next day, though, I had to take some ibuprofen.

And of course it did jack shit.

I ended up throwing up on Saturday evening. This usually helps. This time it didn't.

I was lying on the bottom of the sofa with a cold bag of frozen vegetables on my forehead and I kept thinking that I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what was good for me.

As in - I didn't know if I should have meat or candy, or if a walk outside would make things better or worse.

I usually know. I usually know right away, intuitively, that meat is better than candy and that a walk outside is good. But now I didn't.

And it was so confusing.  

It all goes back to the theory I've talked about before - that perspective is a function of your mental state. Meaning, when you're sick, you're more likely to think like a collectivist and accept help from others; and when you're healthy, you're more likely to think that you alone are responsible for yourself.

Although this time it wasn't about me thinking that "the world owed it to me to cure my headache" - it was about me not being able to hear my inner voice.

Oh well.

Luckily the headache passed today, on Sunday - after having a cup of coffee in the same cafe, no less. (A timely coincidence, I'm sure.)