I Watched Undercover Billionaire and This Happened

. 1 min read

If you've read WIP the site for a while, you might already know that I'm a huge Grant Cardone fan. So, naturally, when I had the chance to watch the episodes of Undercover Billionaire that he's in, I binged-watched them in two days.

It was the most motivating TV show I've ever watched.

Even though I'm neither in promotion or in real estate like Grant, as I was watching him do those two, my mind started producing business ideas like a production line. His tactics and strategies and philosophies are applicable to all kinds of different business ventures. What's more, his 24/7 hustle was so inspiring, because when you're driven - even obsessed - about a project, you don't need free time. You don't want free time. You're spending your time the way you desperately want to - grinding on the project.

That's the life. That really is the life!

Suddenly, I want to move outside publishing and start a dozen different businesses. I want to spend long hours at the office, building prototypes and looking into marketing strategies. I want to have no other life besides building a product, a service, a brand.

It's not what I've always planned to do. It doesn't fit into any career plan I've ever had. But that's the magic, isn't it? Your path is unique, you don't get to know how it'll go beforehand, but in the end, all the dots will connect.

It's an adventure of a lifetime.