Ice cream dilemma

. 2 min read

How do you know you've grown old? You realize you can't handle alcohol the same way you could before. I'm having a terrible hangover headache for the second day now. Although taking into consideration the ridiculous amount I consumed on Sunday it's no wonder I didn't recover immediately. I totally deserve to be punished like this.

A hangover, at least for me, is my body's way of telling me I mistreated it. Just like if I have foods that my body doesn't agree with, it tells me by creating a nasty feeling in my gut, or in my head. Sometimes the food I eat affects my mood so quickly and drastically that it's as if my gut had a direct line to my brain.

But then again, what is life if you can't have a ton of ice cream and whipped cream and cream cream in one sitting without having to face the consequences? You might suggest having only a little bit - something cheesy about moderation - but hey, a little bit is hardly worth experiencing.

Because if I decide to have ice cream, I want to go all in with it. Have as much as my heart desires. Stop when and only when I'm full. And that might take an entire pint or two.

I've been trying to challenge my food rules lately, as in eating outside the IF window and having grains and legumes and not restricting my eating on the day following an enormous amount of ice cream and whipped cream and so on. Because I don't want to let food control my life.

But then again, if I must have two pints of ice cream instead of a single serving size, as if I had no choice but to have almost too much, isn't that a case when food controls my life as well?

Can I teach my brain and body to desire only a controlled amount of something? Or should I just accept my shortcomings as a fact and just deny ice cream altogether, for the rest of my life, and focus on something else? Is ice cream really an essential part of a life fully lived?