If there were no middlemen, what would you do?

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Now, I think it was Seth Godin - I was reading an uplifting book of his a while back - who asked the reader to imagine a world without middlemen, publishers, bosses, HR folks, or anyone else telling you what you couldn't do, and then think about what the reader would do if they lived in that world. And then he told the reader to go and do that.

I know it sounds selfish and impractical and naive - to those who have never done anything they really wanted to do in their lives. If you only do things others expect you to do, only "smart" and "practical" and "lucrative" and "selfless" things, you'll never experience life to its fullest. You'll become bitter, blaming subconsciously your parents and the society for forcing you into a mold you never asked to be poured in.

This goes well with our simulation theory. If life is a simulation, what's the point of doing things you don't want to do, things you see no meaning in? What's the point of doing what others are doing or what they ask of you, instead of deciding for yourself?

There is no point. The only thing that makes perfect sense is you choosing what you want to do with the time you have, and doing it.

So I suggest you think about this. If no one was there to tell you something couldn't be done - if the world was your oyster and you could do literally anything and no one would or could stop you - what would you do?

Go do that.


P.S. I checked - the book by Seth Godin is Poke the Box.