If today was the perfect day

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In the name of life, excitement, inspiration, and packed days, ask yourself:

What all could I do today that would make today the perfect day? Which activities, when executed, would make every minute of today awesome?

Ahh! I'm starting to think I could dedicate my entire life to this quest. For such a long time, I've had this voice in my head trying to pressure me to do things I don't feel like doing. And I've resented the voice by doing nothing, not even the fun stuff. And by doing nothing, I've become so bored. And finally, I've become bored of being bored.

If this is you, worry not! WIP to the rescue!

To battle boredom every day, do this series:

  1. Decide that today is awesome. The best day in your life, in fact.
  2. Ask yourself: what's fun? And immediately write down the first 10 things that come to your mind, regardless of how "stupid" or "unrealistic" they are.
  3. Look at your list and highlight ones are physically impossible or super inconvenient: for example, climbing Mount Everest.
  4. Next to the "impossible" activities, write a "possible" iteration of it: for example, looking at pictures taken at Mount Everest and visualizing yourself climbing it.
  5. Make sure your list includes at least one activity that is progress-related, meaning, that it develops you or your abilities. Progress is happiness!
  6. Prepare for the day by checking that you have the needed equipment: for example, if you intend to paint a masterpiece, make sure you have a canvas and colors and brushes.
  7. Start doing the activities on the list beginning with the progressive activity, followed by the secondmost fun activity of the remaining activities. (If it's convenient and logical, try to save the most fun activity to early evening.)

This series is a good place to start with the quest to having awesome and perfect and exciting days. And if you manage to have them every day, guess what? You'll have an awesome and perfect and exciting life.


Photo by Souza Sergio on Unsplash