If You Feel Meh About Life, This Could Be the Reason

. 2 min read

Cutting straight to the chase:

Apart from the occasional bad day, if you feel meh about life as your constant state - as in you don't see the point in living, and that every day is just about waiting for it to be over - the reason might be that you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing.

And I don't mean it as in "eat well, exercise, read books, go to work" or any other of the regular stuff people recommend. Sure, all of those are good and beneficial and you might feel better if you start doing them more seriously. But here, in the context of this article, supposed to be doing refers to your individual supposed to be doing.

Your calling, or whatever. Purpose on Earth. Legacy. Something like that.

I took a break from writing from December 7th 2021 to January 29th 2022 (a few poems don't count). A prolonged Christmas vacation, if you will. No wonder life started to taste a little bland! Then I read Booba and Grant was telling me to ignore everyone else and just obsess over my own success. He even said that the times in his life when he felt depressed were the times when he was denying his obsession.

Yes. Exactly.  

It's funny - every time I listen to Academy of Ideas talk about finding your individual path instead of outsourcing all decision making about your life and how it should look like, I feel a strong urge to just barricade myself in my office with a large pot of coffee and just write. Grant does the same: reading his words made me want to just write all my life until it's over.

And I find it extremely funny! Of all the things these triggers could make the voice within me tell me to do, it's always writing. It's never making money or building a business empire - heck, it's not even reading books or designing buildings or watching movies or going back to school, even though all of those fascinate me. It's always writing.

So regardless of what your inner voice is telling you to do, if you don't do it, life will become meh. You're supposed to be doing it. And if you deny it, if you forbid yourself from doing it, you'll get depressed.

Let go and give yourself to your calling!