If Your Office Stops Working

. 2 min read

Whenever I look at old pictures of my old office from 2018/19, I get nostalgic about how the environment made me go straight into inspired work mode whenever I stepped in the door. Even though that room was so much less me than my current office, it seems like memories grow sweeter with time - that regardless of the decor being less inspiring than that of my current office, it feels like I got more done there. Or felt more inspired to work there. Or worked more, in general.

Of course, that's not the case. I remember (quite vividly in fact, when I stop to think about it) leaving that office earlier than I leave my current office. Also I got less of my own projects done there because I had a day job back then. Now, in the new office, working 100% of my time in my own business, I get massively more done than back then.

So why do I not feel inspired to work in this new office all of the time? Why don't I feel like I get enough done here? The decor is more my style. It's an inspiring space with a great view, especially in the dark. I stay here until 8 pm most nights.

Maybe I've got bored? Maybe I've got used to this environment?

To see if that was the case, I packed my laptop into my bag, drove to a cafe, ordered a cup of americano, and worked for almost 2 hours.

I finished editing a manuscript. I worked on my next book. I listened to my favorite music from 2005.

Not only did time fly, but I also managed to get done some work that I couldn't seem to finish at the office.

A change of environment solved the issue! A task I had dreaded came easily - just because I was in a different place!

So therefore, dear reader, if your office stops working as an environment where you get work done...

...go work somewhere else. Give your mind a chance to miss your official office. After a short break, the inspiration to work there will come back.