I'll brainwash myself

. 2 min read

Fun fact: reading about manifestation makes me feel really good about everything.

I observed this the first time literally yesterday and now I'm already confident that if I just brainwash myself into thinking this whole law of attraction works, the universe will give me anything I want. Or rather, everything I try will succeed; the universe will get out of my way and have my back instead.

As if it ever was the universe that was on my way. It wasn't. It was my limiting belief.

(What's also a limiting belief is that brainwashing is something negative. It's not, at least not in this frame of reference. How can it be, if my brain becomes clean of all the dirt of negativity it has accumulated during the years?)

So I watched a couple of videos about manifesting and read some articles and found out some techniques and now it seems like the world is a good place that has in abundance of everything I could ever want. All I need to do is ask for it.

I also feel like my chest is split open vertically in the middle and sunshine-like glory is beaming out, coming half-way for the universe, catching in all the good things raining down from the heavens for me.

I know I sound like a hippie. I might laugh at myself later.

But at the moment, it seems to work. I'm so grateful for everything. I feel complete, like I'm lacking nothing, like everything I could ever want or need are either surrounding me in abundance, everywhere, or coming towards me at a steady pace.

It's hard not to believe in it. It seems to right, and moral, and real. I feel like I can manifest anything.

Supporting my family through my writing.

Creating poetry that people would actually read in the 21st century.

Having an office room with a 180 degree view of the sea and a pier from which to jump into the water in a white one-piece bathing suit.

Designing my own house by the sea, and living in it.

Sailing with my own yacht.

Looking exactly what I want to look like, eating exactly what I want to eat, behaving exactly like I want to behave.

Having the grace, and the intelligence, and the integrity, all of which I already have.

I'm so excited. And so open for all of this fun to happen, so easily, so effortlessly.

Everything I could ever want or need, I either have, or am about to have.