I'm 6 hours into my new life and I'm absolutely in love with it

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OH - MY - GOD! (the way Janice from Friends would say it)

I woke up at 6 this morning and went to work out in an outdoor gym and then had breakfast and some coffee and (took a little nap and) dressed up and took the train to another freaking city to work in a cafe that's finally open again. A cup of coffee, a laptop, notes. A real commute that both primed my mind to think it's work time and provided the best opportunity to read some Unscripted by MJ DeMarco again.

How amazing is that?! Is this my life?! Is this my life now?!

It's hard to believe that just a week ago, I was feeling blue for whatever reason - can't remember right now - and wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

And now - this is my life.

The workout was great. The nap was great. Unscripted is even greater than before! I look put together and feel like business. Coffee is the same as ever but tastes so much better. I have a ton of work to do, and I'm excited to get it done, and the thought that it could take all day and I might not be home until 9 pm actually makes me smile.

I had a hunch that the re-opening of cafes and the opportunity to go work in them might feel good. But I really had no idea how good. Suddenly, home is home, and work is work - almost like having an office again.

Feeling good feels good. How did I ever tolerate anything less than this?


P.S. 200 Days Until Christmas day is only 6 days away!