I'm a new day rising

. 2 min read

I LOVE Foo Fighters. Not in a creepy stalker fangirl way, though. I don't own any albums, I don't know the names of the members, I don't know all their songs by heart.

But I probably should. Because I LOVE them.

For years, I used to listen to The Pretender during my morning runs for the last sprint - it has the perfect tempo and the perfect tone for one final push uphill.

Learn to Fly has the most hilarious music video of all time. If it doesn't crack you up, you're probably from another planet.

Don't get me started on Best of You. I just can't.

All My Life pumps me up every time, no exceptions.

And finally, Walk and Times Like These have the perfect feel-good vibe that resurrects my love for life every time I hear them.

I sometimes forget the effect good music has on me. And by good I mean the kind that speaks to my soul. But then, after months of listening to no music at all, a song plays in the car, and I hear the first melody and hear the lyrics and it takes me in a world that's the same as this one but infinitely better, smoother, and full of perfect light.

As if it wasn't just the lyrics, but that I am a one way motorway. And a new day rising. I'm all I can be, a perfect embodiment of all my ideals, right away, all at once, and the road ahead is clear to wherever I want to go.

I used to think I have a bad taste in music, because I like (early) Nickelback and Backstreet Boys and Daughtry. But I also like Foo Fighters and Stone Sour and Coldplay and Slipknot and Hans Zimmer and Fuel and Theory of a Deadman and 30 Seconds to Mars and Lana Del Rey and deadmau5, to name a few. So whether the general consensus has deemed your favorite music good or bad does not matter. You like the music, therefore it's good for you. You don't have a bad taste in music; you have your taste in music.

To think about it, the general consensus is usually wrong, so going against the grain and openly liking whatever you like is a good idea and shows you can think independently.

If music makes you feel unstoppable, brand new, fresh, like the king of the world - listen to it. Don't forget like I sometimes do. Use it to your benefit.

No hack is too simple if it makes you feel like a new day rising.