I'm Living My Best Life, But

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So here's the thing:

The moments where I realize I'm so lucky to have this life and I'm so grateful for it are becoming more and more regular now. Just last night I found myself sitting in the shower, eyes closed, breathing out words of gratitude. And then today, because I'm kind of stupid, I started analyzing when this change had come about.

I arrived at August 2020 - the month I found the law of attraction, which lead me to discover a new identity and a new way of thinking about myself, which lead to a change in my own behavior, which lead to a change in mindset.

...which lead to the life I have right now.

But would it have happened anyway? Was it up to my mindset / identity / behavioral shift at all?

The optimist in me would claim responsibility of making the best life.

But how selfish would I be if I claimed no one else had a part in it?