I'm making progress at the gym

. 1 min read

Since sometime in August (don't remember the exact day, somewhere mid-month), my partner and I have gone to the gym first thing in the morning, six times a week. It has effectively become a habit now. I don't feel sleepy or groggy anymore when I wake up; I put on my workout clothes without any conscious thought. The outdoor gym we go to is so poorly lit that the whole routine seems almost like watching a movie. (I can always count on getting to my senses when I dip into the lake afterwards.)

However, I've noticed I have made some gains! My shoulders look a little more defined and my hamstrings get more visible by the week. But more than that, I notice that I can lift heavier and heavier weights! In fact, just this morning I broke some personal records:

Lateral pulldown: 126 lb / 57.5 kg. (This is significant, since I'm working towards being able to do bodyweight pull-ups, and although I don't know what I weigh now, I used to weigh 115 lb back in my first WIP videos.)

Standing cable row: 116 lb / 52.5 kg. It's almost too easy. I wonder if I'm doing it wrong.

Hanging knee raises: When I started doing them in August, I could do 10 reps with bent knees. Now I can easily do 30 with bent knees and 20 with legs almost straight!

Back extension: I need to figure out a way to make it harder. I'm already using a tough resistance band but I still need to do 30 reps to feel anything. I reckon holding a 20-lb weight disk while doing the reps would do it, though carrying it to the gym every day might become somewhat inconvenient.

Working out is actually fun, which is something you never remember when you're not doing it. I guess this is one of those faith things: trust that it will feel amazing, go to the gym, and realize your faith was rightfully placed.

Now all I need is a nice tan... (foreshadowing 101)