I'm Obsessing Over a Mug

. 2 min read

One of the first visions that I got early this fall about the upcoming Christmas was

me, waking up early one morning in mid-December, putting on my soft and warm loungewear and some ridiculously puffy reindeer-themed socks, making my way to the kitchen in the dark where the only source of light are the fairy lights on the Christmas trees, and brewing some cinnamon-and-cardamom-infused coffee, pouring some of it to the bottom of a very large Christmas-themed mug, filling the rest of the mug up with whipped cream, topping the monstrosity with crushed gingerbread and grated chocolate, and finding a path through the toy train set that almost covers the entire floor to get to sit down on the divan where I can sip the drink, listen to the silence, and feel the magic in the air.

The mug is the centerpiece of the vision. It needs to be there, and it HAS to be huge. At least 2 cups. It has to have enough volume to hold an insane amount of whipped cream and garnishes. (Oh yeah, and the coffee, of course.)

So naturally, right after I got the vision, I decided that I absolutely needed the hugest and the most disgustingly corny Christmas-themed mug that I could find. Preferably red, but white-and-red would also be good. As long as it would be big and festive.

Can you imagine how I flipped with excitement when I went to the department store last month and saw Villeroy & Boch's Toy's Fantasy Jumbo Mug?

Now it's all I can think about. I need one of those mugs. The picture on the mug doesn't even matter - they're all disgustingly corny enough - but some of them have a volume of less than 1.5 cups. And that won't do. I need the volume.

I need the volume!

I've scoured the interwebs and the department store for similar Villeroy Christmas mugs with a larger volume, and it seems that they might exist. But will I find them? Do I have the time to find them? Will the universe bring them to me?

I know I should just let go and take the easy road - just buy the best Christmas mug regardless of the volume. I mean, whipped cream can be quite stable, so I can always make a huge pile of it that vertically extends mug limits.

But just to make sure, so I won't make any stupid decisions too early, tomorrow I'll visit the offical Villeroy store nearby and ask for the biggest Christmas mug they have!