Isn't it wonderful?

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I was having one of those lazy days this morning. I knew I had planned to finish my next book today, but knowing how much work there still was, I felt too tired to even try. Rationally, I knew that if I just opened the file, I would be super inspired to write. And, also rationally, I knew that there wasn't that much work left; that the required effort being beyond my ability was just an illusion created by the resistance living inside my head.

Emphasis on the word rationally. Reason rarely puts up a good fight against resistance and the feeling of being tired.

Therefore, I did what anyone would do - listened to some videos about Neville Goddard's manifestation hacks, drove to the shore, enjoyed the sound and sight and smell of the sea in the rain, and let my body and mind be immersed in the physical and psychological feelings that I would feel as a constant state if all my dreams suddenly came true.

And now, I'm happy, energetic, and excited to finish that book towards which I had so much resistance in the morning. Ha. In your face, resistance!

So the technique I used was one I learned from one of those Neville videos this morning. Funny thing is, I wasn't even looking to find hacks about manifestation. I'm not "struggling to manifest" or anything like that. The videos were suggested to me by the YT algorithm, and since I hadn't watched any videos about Neville before, I decided to explore.

The technique is the Isn't it wonderful? technique, and it goes exactly as presented above: feel in the moment all those feelings you expect to feel with the fulfillment of your goals and dreams.

I think I'm already quite good at this. I know how the sea breeze feels, so technically, I didn't need to go to the shore - I could have just summoned the psychological feeling in my mind. I can feel the pier under my bare feet. I can hear the water. I can see it in my mind. While I was told that visualization isn't necessary to use the technique, you can visualize if you want to, and I really like it, so I did.

But the key is the mental feeling. You don't have to see anything in your mind, or imagine feeling anything on your skin, or imagine hearing sounds. Just feel whatever you expect to feel about yourself, your life, the world. Freedom? Safe? Inspired? Happy? Peaceful? Serene? Beautiful? Divine? One? Joyous? Excited? Worthy? Miraculous?

And then, with your own words, wonder at the feeling that comes with knowing you're there: Isn't it wonderful that I'm so free? Isn't it amazing that I experience so many miracles? Isn't it wonderful that my world is so beautiful?

Bask in the feeling. Let it embrace you fully. Accept everything that comes with it.

See what happens.