It Would Be So Easy to Outsource All Decision-Making... BUT

. 2 min read

Ahh... decision-making.

I feel like I've talked about this too much already, because as a hardcore libertarian, I believe you get to choose everything in your life.

Even if you choose to outsource that decision-making.

But what happens if you do?

Outsource your choice of career? To whom? The society? So it's law school, med school, or business school. That's already plenty of variety for you to choose from. And if you want to outsource the nitty gritty, do what your parents tell you to do.

Outsource your choices for friends and relationships? Agree to an arranged marriage, and hang out with your parents' friends' kids. Or let people come to you and accept anyone that does as your friend.

Outsource your sense of self worth? To Instagram! To YouTube! To the masses with their comments and likes and subscriptions and followings, because if they're not right, who is?

Outsource your choices of opinions? Ah yes, this should be easy enough. Just check the latest on the interweb.

Outsource your appearance choices? This will come in handy. No need to waste time picking an outfit or worrying if the clothes you buy are right for your body type. Just let your friends and partner decide. They're the one looking at you, after all.

And so you're left with an average life - average with respect to the people and institutions to whom you've outsourced your choices. Because they want you to emulate them. So they advise you the way they'd advise themselves.

An unfulfilling career, clothes that don't fit, opinions you don't believe in, friends that want to push you down to feel better about themselves, and a confidence gone as quickly as a click of a thumbs-down button.

But hey, at least you belong.

And a sense of belonging is not nothing.

It's someone's meaning in life.

Because what happens if you choose everything by yourself? Alienation, isolation, egoism, selfishness, and other causes of feeling complete alone in the world?


P.S. Despite the perhaps sarcastic tone, I actually wrote this in earnest.