It's been a surprisingly tolerable summer

. 1 min read

I think I mentioned a few times last summer here on WIP that I dislike summer. (Ahh, the mere memory of doing WIP last summer puts me in a nostalgic mood! Even though the summer weather was infernal.) But this year, it's as if mother nature has given me a pass. I don't know if it's because summer last year was so hard on me, or because I lost a family member a few weeks ago, or because I need to prepare to sink the ships and burn the bridges to my secure day job. Whatever the reason, the weather's been good. It's been raining a lot and cold and windy, and even if it has been warm at times, the heat has passed in a couple of days. (Although I do hear the temperature's going to turn up again in the upcoming weeks.)

But thanks, mother nature, for being easy on me. I've really enjoyed the weather and tried not to complain about the random warm days. After all, they haven't been overwhelming at all. I've been able to work even on those days thanks to the fan I bought. Learned my lesson from last year, huh?

A part of me fears that the heat will return worse than ever and last until the end of September - a month I usually like to spend outdoors with all the colors and the rain and the cold wind - and my mood will be bad and my productivity low as a result.

A part of me wants to think I can become immune to the warm weather by just deciding so.

A part of me would like the challenge of grinding despite the heat trying to bring me down.

A part of me knows there are bigger things to worry about than the weather.